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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Saddam Hussein has been captured.

If you've turned on a radio or a television in the last couple of hours, you know this. I know it's front and center on CNN.com, I'm sure it is on your news website of choice. Iraqi's are celebrating, the administration is hearing up to bat itself on the back, and this is generally seen as a Good Thing.

And it is, don't get me wrong. Capturing the guy relieves a lot of headaches. But it's also about to create some more, because now the question is: what do we do with him?

Once they get done pumping information out of him, the US will hand him over to the Iraqi government, no doubt. And while I'm all for wrapping him in many and various pork products and torching his sorry ass, that wouldn't go over well with too many other people. Is there a way to execute him (which he deserves) without making him a martyr? Can you find a cell to put him in for whatever remains of his life that won't be a constant target?

Hard to say. Some folks will use him as a rallying cry no matter what happens.

For now, tho, let's put off those questions until tomorrow. We can be glad it's happened, we can laugh at how he looks like shit, and we can leave tomorrow for tomorrow.

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