**How can you care?** 'Because I choose to.' **You make it sound so simple.** 'That's because it is simple. Hard sometimes, but simple.'

Sunday, April 24, 2005

If there is at least one person in your life whom you consider a close friend, and whom you would not have met without the internet, post this sentence in your journal.

For my bestest friend in the world... last month was 8 years. You're more my sister than my flesh and blood, and you knows it.
Just finished beating Devil May Cry, admittedly on Easy/Auto mode. The problem I have with button-mashers is that the arthritis in my hands won't let me do it for long. :-p Nice little story, though, enough for me to maybe make a visit someday.

Up next: Final Fantasy V

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A friend of mine who shall remain nameless in case the sharks circle sent me this lovely bit of poetry.

What can I say, I'm disenfranchised, displeased, disillusioned, and disappointed. I'm looking to dis back and hit the door. Looking towards the business industry but cannot figure out what widget to sell.

It took me several minutes to figure out how to answer that in the appropriate manor. I figure we'll be doing this all afternoon. ;-)

Friday, April 15, 2005

So I finally go get to have a talk with the new VP of us. I discuss my medical situation, about how I had my large intestine removed and how I can't lift more than 20 pounds.

Him: "You're really handicapped!"

Me: *boggle*

Excuse me? Handicapped? Um, no. My friend Dave's wife Christina is handicapped. Inconvenienced occasionally, yeah, but that's it.

So, to numb my disbelieving rage, I am about to crack open a new bottle of Jack Daniels. I think decisions are going to be made in the not too distant future.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

I'm tired a lot lately. I go to bed tired, and I wake up tired. I'm second-guessing myself a lot right now, and that leads to strange dreams where my cats are being hurt and I can't do anything about it, and I wake up exhausted.

I know what I probably should do. I'm just nervous about doing it, which is the other reason I'm exhausted.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Project for the moment - Go through my older CDs and re-rip them.

I've been making MP3s since 1999, when the technology was fairly new. Some of my oldest MP3s are still in 96kbps format, since that was the best you could get then. Now I'm going through the CDs I still own and re-ripping them at 192kbps. Should take me several hours.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

From Jeannie, who deals with twice as many idiots as I do in a day...

"We need an invention that when the idiot on the other end of the phone is being stupid, you can zap them with electricity. Zap! Sorry, wrong answer. Please engage your brain and try again."

Hell. Yeah.

Monday, April 04, 2005

burning my eyes out because my Virgo-ness insists that I stay up to fix problems NetFlix made with my queue by sending shit out of order and randomly taking stuff out and saying it's "not available"

Saturday, April 02, 2005


1) Bought my Dragon*Con tickets.
2) Paid Janice for my half of the hotel
3) Bought my Nobuo Uematsu convert tickets (got GREAT seats, 3rd and 4th row of the first balcony) AND got discount parking passes
4) Will look into a hotel after I pay off more of the credit card.

That's June and September taken care of. ;-)

Seeing Sin City today, then seeing an old high school friend give a classical guitar concert tomorrow. Hopefully it'll help me take my mind off of stress.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Republished because of a shit comment. One more of those, and no comments will be allowed, period.

More pics!

Purr-fect, weighing in at exactly 8 ounces
Lion, weighs 8 5/8ths ounces
The camera-shy Lamb, 8 3/8ths ounces
And Daffodil, the heavyweight champ at 9 3/8ths ounces Yeah, he'll need a new name. ;-)

And I caught Kahvi and Sweet Thing curled up on the bed, in exactly opposite directions. They say it's a twin thing, we wouldn't understand...