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Friday, April 01, 2005

Republished because of a shit comment. One more of those, and no comments will be allowed, period.

More pics!

Purr-fect, weighing in at exactly 8 ounces
Lion, weighs 8 5/8ths ounces
The camera-shy Lamb, 8 3/8ths ounces
And Daffodil, the heavyweight champ at 9 3/8ths ounces Yeah, he'll need a new name. ;-)

And I caught Kahvi and Sweet Thing curled up on the bed, in exactly opposite directions. They say it's a twin thing, we wouldn't understand...


Anonymous said...

Let me guess. Somebody got pithy because your initial post had an incomplete link in it, right?

Geez, humanoids, it's the Interweb! I appreciate Jenn's blog entries. And the pictures of her kitties. (And how dumb am I that I didn't realize the first set of pictures were links and not a pair of Haiku's. You mean you can CLICK on these? ;-)

- Dave
Often Addle-brained

Patrick said...

To repeat my previous comment...


My house is pet-less for the first time in forever, but we may be getting a new doggie later this week.