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Thursday, February 17, 2005

We moved from the 12th floor to the 10th floor of the office building we're in, and I'm slowly getting used to the former interior closet that is now my office. So I've been printing off a lot of my space photos, as well as some Final Fantasy stuff.

The walls are covered with some cloth wallpaper crap. The morning after we moved in and I put up some things, every single space scene was on the floor. The Final Fantasy stuff was still up.

I think Sephiroth is holding those pics up by sheer will alone. ;-)

Lately my attention span has more closely resembled a gnat that my usual. I can't write, can't get into books. Have been reading a lot of old comic books, tho. Almost makes me want to put myself into debt again to collect some DC stuff.

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Anonymous said...

I've been getting the urge to start reading comics again as well. Problem is, I can't keep up with the books I buy let alone comics.

My office is a converted closet as well. Best part is no one else wants it because it has no windows and faces a wall. My domain is secure. *G*