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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Let's see, what have I accomplished today...

1) Watched Deep Impact Awesome, excellent, incredible movie. I'm sobbing like a baby at the end. I love the ones that focus on the people.

2) Went to Mom and Dad's to help them out. While we didn't get a chance to wash Mom's red Persian cat Johnny, I did help get her laundry done and ate a most excellent dinner prepared by my completely stressed out Dad. She's doing better, less pain unless she does something silly (like try to bend over and grab Harley *sigh*), but Dad needs about a week of uninterrupted sleep.

3) Got the grocery shopping done, and for less than $40.

4) Watched Return to Oz What a trippy movie... That gets me all caught up on my NetFlix stuff.

So now I can spend the next few hours drinking whiskey and playing Aardwolf until my friends start begging, "Ref, nice to see you, but WILL YOU TAKE YOUR DRUNK ASS TO BED ALREADY?!?!?!?" Tomorrow I can split my time between house cleaning and starting .hack part 1

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