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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bit of a whine here, feel free to pass...

Can't sleep right now. I'd put myself back on Zoloft after getting out of the hospital the last time after 3 huge crying fits and one panic attack. When I got back home, I took myself off of it.

This morning, after having problems with some bleeding from my incision, I started it up again. A few hours ago I cleaned out the wound again and got some weird pain because of how things are connected, so I took a Vicodin to kill the pain and calm myself down.

Well, it killed the pain, anyways...

I figure I'll sit up for a bit, try to get my brain to shut the fuck up. Otherwise, I guess more drugs.

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Kurt Sr. said...

Hey Jenn --

Everything's going to be all right. I just thought I'd tell you.