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Thursday, August 17, 2006

About 2 1/2 "chapters" into Dirge of Cerberus... mixed feelings so far:
- It's very pretty graphically.
- The voices are OK, although I still long for a Japanese subtitled version, since Vincent's voice is better, and admittedly I haven't had to hear Cid's south Texas drawl yet (rant pending, I'm sure).
- The controls are a pain in the butt. I think I have the difficulty with the targeting system mostly figured out (ramp up the speed and turn on automatic tartget locking), but for a shooting game it's rather inaccurate.
- I haven't seen enough of the story yet to make much of a judgement, but the new characters are fairly interesting.
- The music is very good... Masashi Hamauzu did some of my favorite tracks from FF X (Crisis, Challenge, Assault... notice a theme here? *grin*), and does an incredibly job with the whole score here. He ever made me like a Gackt song, which I had never thought would happen.

More updates on it as I go along... although I think I've figured out Weiss's secret already. ;-)

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