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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I was looking in my home closet today, and I think what I need to do fairly soon is pull every stitch of clothing out of it, pile it on the bed, and try everything on. I've got a feeling that while the dresses will be OK, most of the pants are going to have to be donated and replaced, since my new stoma is about an inch higher on my abdomen than my old one and would be right on the waist band of them.

For most women, this would be a great thing. For me? Tiring to think about. :-p I'm not big on clothes, I'd wear jeans and T-Shirts all the time if I could.

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Jingus said...

Hey Jenn. If you remember me, it'll be as "that weird guy who flirted with me in the clumsiest manner imaginable" at NWA Wildside a few years ago. I just recently got my own personal computer, and was basically hitting up every website I could ever remember, and, well, I remembered this one. I'm sorry about your rough health, wish I could do something more helpful than, uh, say I'm sorry. At least you've got a decent job now, which I remember being a problem a couple years back. Plus, kittens. I think I heard somewhere that it's recently been proven that kittens do indeed cure cancer, though that might've just been something from the last time I got drunk and watched Adult Swim.

Anyway, I saw the lack of comments on some of your bloggies, and it activated my condescending pity circuits ("she's bound to feel better after I talk to her!"). I thought I'd just tell you that, even if they only spoke to you a couple times for a couple minutes, you impressed upon someone else that you're a fairly amazing person, a strong soul, and that you've got a badass wicked sexy voice. Ahem. Probably embarassed myself enough, I'll go now. Good luck with the IBD and everything related, and, well, just everything in general.

...PS, you're officially the first person I've ever met who'd already heard of 8 Bit Theatre. And they should've killed Tifa not Aeris... whoops, wrong FF game, I just spewed geek all over your blog, this time I'll really go.