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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

If you're an American, PLEASE GO VOTE TODAY!

Even if you don't like Bush or Kerry, there's a good handful of third party candidates out there. Hell, write in your mother's name, or your brother's name, or anyone you know who's over 35 and born in America who can do their own math and think independently on occasion.

Then don't forgot all the little local elections. All of them. There's a ton of them, believe me, don't skip them. I know I have a senator, a representative, a state senator, a state respresentative, a sheriff, and a school board to re-elect.

Do feel free to throw all the bums out. My local sheriff, who likes to ignore most of the gang problem? He's gone. New senator? You'll excuse me if I don't vote for the local Republican moron who says gays and single parents shouldn't be teachers. School board? While I don't have kids, my siblings' kids will be going to school around here, and they're the ones who will be taking care of my as I get old.

You're damn right I pay attention. If you don't, don't come back and whine, I'll just smack you into the next millenium.

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