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Friday, November 19, 2004

What else to do, being home sick for the second day with flu-like symptoms?

Watch Cowboy BeBop, of course...

Best. Opening. Music. EVAH~! In fact, all the music I've heard so far in 1 1/2 episodes is awesome. Must go add it to my Amazon wishlist.

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DLB said...

Oh my god, I love "Tank!" I love the beginning, with Spike getting his cigarette lit...."Okay, three, two, one, let's jam...."

And the fanfare and slides at the end. Beautiful, beautiful stuff.

The whole show has a music subtheme. Most of the episodes have something to do with music on some level. So the music HAS to be fantastic.

I love this anime. I have to say the Cowboy Bebop movie was disappointing to me, but maybe that's because I wasn't bringing the whole show with me to watching it.

I love "Speak Like a Child". That one is beautiful. This show turns everything you know about drama, comedy, story and pain on its head, and makes it fresh and new and compelling.

And yes, "Ballad for a Fallen Angel" is a lovely ep, and referenced heavily throughout the series.