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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

OK. Way back in March or April, my brother-in-law Paul (husband of Heather, my half-sister) goes into the hospital to have a small cancerous thing removed from his bile duct. He spends a month or more in the hosptial (until mid-May, if I'm remembering right), partly because they had to remove part of his pancreas, partly to recover from an infection.

I see him last week when I'm in Terrytown, he's lost 30 pounds and half his hair, and has a drain in for the infection that was lingering.

Today he was going to go in just to get that infection scraped out. Instead, they take out more of his pancreas, more bile duct, and something happens with his aorta that makes him lose 7 pints of blood. Tomorrow they'll take part of his femoral artery to fix whatever's wrong with his aorta.

So, Becca and Mom will drive up to New York in my car (the only dependable one), I'll take Dad's VW Bug to Atlanta, and Dad will cram himself in Mom's Oldsmobile Achieva.

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