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Friday, April 28, 2006

I am probably one of the last people on the planet to start watching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". The first two episodes were good, established faces and heels, got things going that they can milk for a while. The only weirdness was that Sarah what's-her-face doesn't look 16. I can work with not acting 16, power and responsibility do that to you, but she looks 20ish.

In bad news, my old MP3 player is finally done for. I plugged it in this morning to charge it up, and when I came back it didn't think it was plugged in. I turned it on, no juice, reset it, no juice. *sigh* So, I'll spend half of tomorrow going to various electronic places and seeing if I can find a decent 20GB machine that works well with Windows Media Player for not too much money. :-p


Anonymous said...

I know. It's hard to hold the suspension of disbelief.

What's really fun is watching the first season of Angel and getting distracted by the fact that Cordelia looks 35.

When she is supposed to be 18. - Dawn

Dave Maes said...

Whatever you do Jenn, avoid Samsung players like the Black Plague. I owned two of them - the first's hard drive corrupted after six months, the second stopped working after Windows XP updated to SE - and Samsung basically told us all to either dump SE or dump their players. I bought my first iPod on eBay a month later.

Wish you could afford an iPod. You'd hate rebuilding your library in iTunes, but once you own one, you'll never own another one. Of course, I have a 60GB Video pod...

I've heard good things about iRiver's players, and bad things about Creative's. (Namely that the headphone jack f**ks up after a month or so.) You might check out Office Depot - they sell limited amounts of MP3 players, and sometimes you can get a steal.

I'll shut up, now.

- Dave
Long Winded