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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

So I get Advent Children on my lunch break, and I am very good and don't even touch it while I'm at work. I bring it home, and figure I'd better watch the English dub once, so I can be knowledgable in my bitching about it. ;-)

- No translation of the opening Japanese in the English version???
- Wow, they expanded Marlene's opening speech significantly. It would probably help those who have never played FF VII a little.
- Um, OK, we have stoner Yazoo...
- BOO, dead giveaway on who the wheelchair man is in Kadaj's phone conversation
- LMAO at Barnett's voice
- They nailed Reno and Rude, though, I'll give them that much
- Rufus's voice is... odd, with weird hesitations
- "Cloud, you're an ex-Soldier, aren't you?" "...In my head..." *thunk* Well FUCK, they nailed that dead on.
- Tifa sounds like she's talking around a swollen tongue
- Kadaj's voice is going to take getting used to
- There are some new shots in this version... Cloud walking through the church was completely new
- "Dilly-dall shilly-shally..." What. The. FUCK????? That has to be the shittiest translation ever.
- Yazoo's constantly giggling during fights is not helping his stoner image
- Vincent's voice is good
- "You don't have a phone?" LOL at Marlene
- Yuffie almost sounds like Rikku, although if it's the same girl from KH2 they were two seperate people
- Loz did not just say, "You meanie!" *facepalm*
- "Where can I buy a phone?" *falls out of her chair* Damn, Vincent can be funny
- Cait Sith with a strong Scottish voice is weird, but sorta appropriate
- Um, Cait Sith just told Yuffie to shut up. Twice. And he wasn't torn to shreds by Red or Yuffie. This is... incredible wrong.
- "Good to see you again..." Oh hell yeah, Superman as Sephiroth works for me, let the ass-kicking commence!
- By the end Kadaj's voice actor had gotten the hang of the character and it worked better.
- Aerith was still as cringe-inducing as she was in KH2, but she talked less here

Well, not a bad dub, but not the best, either. I'll watch the sub this evening to see how many differences in dialoge I can spot.

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Rich said...

Take a look at the English Credits and you can see who to blame for the voices. When you have Rachael Leigh Cook from She's All That as Tifa, Christy Carlson Romano from Even Stevens as Yuffie, and Mena Suvari, yes the Kevin Spacey fantasy from American Beauty, as Aerith... Things might get a bit grating. :)