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Thursday, April 12, 2007

I have KITTENS!!!

This is Shortcake, the young mother of three kittens born April 5th. She's medium hairred, incredibly sweet and affectionate, with a great purr.

This is Tao, a girl. You can't see much of it in this picture, but she has a white smudge on her face along with white paws. She's not a morning kitty. ;-) She's also the smallest of the three.

This is Yang, the boy, and the biggest by far. He's very curious and has already tried to climb out of the cage, even with his eyes still closed! He's going to be a huge white puffball when he grows up. ;-)

This is Yin, the other girl. She's quite a whiner, crying at everything, which makes Shortcake a bit frantic at times. She's also very long haired already.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh you have KITTENS!

They're just adorable. Mom's a sweetie too. Actually, Mom is gorgeous.

Yay for kittens!


Patrick said...


Wish I could have cats in the house again but my dogs would go bonkers.