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Monday, August 16, 2004


All of a sudden, an anmie disc that I had in the middle of my list suddenly was not available until later this month, so they took it out of my list. My perfectly organized list. Now I have to re-organize and re-number the thing from 272 to 491.

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DLB said...

Hon, I gave up. They fucked with Sailor Moon, and I was pissed. They ripped out some other anime set, and I had a hole in the 130s that I'm STILL patching. Then I wake up this weekend and four of eight Final Fantasy discs are ripped out of the queue and slapped onto the top of the up and coming list.

I give up. I'm organizing only in the first 50, except for the blasted Sailor Moon discs, so I don't kill someone (myself or anyone else).