**How can you care?** 'Because I choose to.' **You make it sound so simple.** 'That's because it is simple. Hard sometimes, but simple.'

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Singing love songs to 20 pound cats is something I highly recommend. They love you unconditionally, and let everyone know it by covering you in gold fur.


Rich~! said...

Rarely have I ever been offered such a good opportunity to say something off-colour. But I'll be a good boy.
(have an especially wicked and salacious sense of humour these days)

"Singing to fat cats", Jenn?

Quartz said...

My 14-year-old 20lb loving cat passed away a couple months ago. Most of his fur has been cleaned up now and sometimes I forget about him for a day or two, but happening onto your posting caught me off guard and brought a tear to my eye. Love your kitty. You'll miss him desperately when he's gone.