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Saturday, March 19, 2005

It's not that I don't have internet access at work, it's that I'm still feeling out what's kosher and what's not. I basically check my email and a couple of news sites a couple of times a day, and leave it at that. I don't see my co-workers doing a lot of extraneous browsing, so I don't want to make waves. Yet.

So far, so good. After making sure my boss understood that I wasn't there to be an Admin for the Director of IT but a Help Desk person, I didn't get asked to schedule shit or get her mail anymore and learned how to do more help desk stuff.

And it turns out that I will get paid for one week by Edens & Avant (yes, I'll fix the link later) next week, so I went ahead and bought myself the vaccuum cleaner I need, then took out Mom and Dad to Longhorn's last night. I won't have time today, but tomorrow I'll swing by Best Buy and get some new computer speakers. I'm also considering a flash drive (or 3) for home backup purposes... My MP3 collection is 7.74GB and growing, and some of the stuff in there would be a pain in the ass to replace. I'll see what they have. If not, I'll just buy another spindle of CDs and get to work.

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