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Sunday, March 20, 2005


Pile o' newborn kittens
Another pile o' newborn kittens
Between the three pics, you can see everyone's face.

Proud and exhausted new mom
Also a very watchful and protectful new mom
She really won't let us get too close to them yet

There's 4, born sometime last night. For now, they're Daffodil (the orange and white one), Purrfect (the one who's an exact copy of Mom), and Lion and Lamb (the two black and white ones).


Tam said...

They are so cute! And Mom is giving you such a look in that second photo.

Patrick said...


We just lost our two Rottweilers to bone cancer within the past three months, so the house is eerily empty without any pets around...hopefully that'll change soon.

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