**How can you care?** 'Because I choose to.' **You make it sound so simple.** 'That's because it is simple. Hard sometimes, but simple.'

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

*giggling* OK, I SO need these when they come out

I have a kitten in my guest room for a few days... Mom had one she'd been keeping for Project Pet while they figured out why her sibs dropped dead (brain leasons), then a pretty little baby kitten walked into the house while a door-to-door salesman was harassing her. Since pretty little baby does not have shots, I'm keeping Tripod (I'll get a picture up later) for a few days.

Goldeneye is growling at anything. Me: "Goldy, she weighs, like, 1/10th of what you go, will you calm down?" Goldeneye: *growl* *hiss* *lash tail*

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