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Saturday, September 24, 2005

*drunkenly singing*

Hitohi-hitoyo ni Tsuki wa terazutomo
Kanashimi ni nuetori naku

A ga kaerimi suredo
Hana wa chirinu beshi

Nagusamuru kokoro wa
Kenuru ga gotoku

Aratayo ni Kamu tsudoite
Yo wa ake
Nuetori naku

Saku hana wa
Kami ni koinomu
Ikeru yo ni
A ga mi kanashimo
Ime wa kenu
Ura mite chiru

From Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

The english translation is fucking deep. The title is "Flowers Grieve and Fall" Hang on, let me go grab it from Kenji Kawai's webpage...

(fuck, I'm going to have to type this, it's a PDF file)

Through Day and Night, the Moon not coming
In grief, Nue will sing.
Flowers wil fall away,
The heart of solace having withered.
In a new world, Gods will decend.
The dawn will break and Nue will sing.
Flowers in bloom pray to Gods,
Lamenting over their being in this world of life,
Their dreams having faded away,
Flowers grieve and fall.

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