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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Two things have taken over my life recently:

1) Star Ocean: 'Till the End of Time
Another incredible SquareEnix RPG. Great graphics, great music, great storyline. So far my only complaint is that the English voice track was not mixed in properly and is often drowned out by the music.

2) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
With GameStop telling me it won't be released until January, I went ahead and downloaded a fan-sub. Two words: Holy shit! I still need the full-screen version (the one I downloaded is rather small), because I know I'm missing the little details Square is famous for not overlooking. But it's INCREDIBLE... the sheer brutality of the Loz/Tifa fight leaves me breathless every time. Kadaj is incredibly sympathetic, and Sephiroth... well, he is his normal insane self.
What I found most mind-blowing was how much the fanfic I wrote last year resembles this. It will only take some editing here and there to put it in the continuity after this. I can't wait to try to start that.

But first... *points to the vodka bottle* Be back later. ;-)

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