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Monday, March 12, 2007

WARNING: Much nonsense, hilarity, and general manic behavior are about to be displayed.

HYDE and TM are HERE!! *smooches both*

So my new boss, who is technically my old old boss and is about to be my new boss (and no, I won't get fooled again), calls me into his office to hand out the pay raise and bonus info. He hands me a letter, which basically states, "Congrats, you're pay is going up [eh]%, so you're now making [a few hundred more a year than before]. You will also find your bonus, which will be [HOLY SHIT OMGZ] before taxes."

So I will take HOLYSHITOMGZ after taxes and pay off the computer I bought in September, then go get my eyes checked for the first time in a couple of years (bad me, I know), get some new supportive undergarments, sock a good bit into savings, and then buy some books.

Boss unit also informed me that my title would be changing from Help Desk Administrator, which I already knew, but not to PC Support Technician. "That is so 90's." (YES, he really said that~!) Instead, they're working it out with HR to call me a Technical Support Analyst. Sounds good, anyways. ;-)

Then I get home and HYDE AND TM ARE WAITING FOR ME! *smooches them again* There is also probably the most hilarious mailing I have ever gotten, which had on the front, "God told me to give you this loan" and a couple of paragraphs about a prophecy and a holy handkerchief inside for answering prayers if I give them money. I wish I was making this up. ;-)

So, I am good. I don't know what all to do with this good, because it doesn't happen often, but I will try to be good with my good.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so happy good came to you. I am also very happy that they have the good sense to appreciate you and appreciate you with more than just a pat on the head.