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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Well, I decided to not mope, and to look for something new to do with some of my time. What do I love? Final Fantasy, cats, learning to cook, taking pictures, etc., etc....

Project Pet is an organization my parents did a lot of volunteer work before, and I have had pictures of some of our babies up here in the past. So I gave them an email, and they have a desperate need.

So, by the weekend, I will have a mother cat and her 7 (YIKES!) newborn babies in my house. They'll be in a room by themselves, with one of the cages my parents are going to bring over. I'll be able to work on my photography while I'm taking care of them.

So, yes, there will be spammage of pictures and stuff. And who knows, they might end up on CuteOverload or the Daily Kitten. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hey! Good for you for volunteering. What a cool thing to be involved in.

I for one look forward to pictures. I'm currently burning DVDs of my photos and filing them through a program called ACDSee. On one DVD alone I have 185 photos of Worf. :)


Anonymous said...

Also, I'm nosy - what kind of camera do you have?


Nichelle said...

You write very well.