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Monday, September 22, 2003

Adventures in work...

Today the DHCP service decided to die. Repeatedly. Completely. As in too many people (including me!) couldn't do a damn thing over the wire. My boss wouldn't give me straight answers as to what happened... until right before he left for the day.

We're apparently moving and upgrading a server (what is labeled 486 because of what the original machine was) to something that more resembles our name and location. The two network guys, who apparently skipped all the classes in "Real World Application", decided to move some things over to the new server WHILE THEY WERE IN USE. Including the DHCP database. Which, of course, got completely corrupted.

Hello? You move things on weekends when no-one's in them.

Of course, this network is so poorly put together that crashes are expected. Someone would do us a huge favor by taking a grenade or some other low-level explosive and permanently damaging all the servers so things had to be rebuilt from scratch. But then, since the same guys who have been moving the stuff which causes the crashes would re-build it, it probably wouldn't get much better...

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