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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

It's ba-ack...

BOOK 11:
Goddess of Hate: Hey, Greeks, go kick some ass!
Greeks: You got it!
Rest of the Gods: *pout*
Zeus: *gets popcorn and settles in to watch*
Agememnon: *kills a lot of Trojans*
Zeus: OK, Isis, tell Hector to hang back until Agememnon gets hit. Then he should
come up and fight and I'll let him drive the Greeks all the way back to their ships.
Hector: OK *riles up Trojans*
Koon: *stabs Agememnon*
Agememnon: OUCH! *kills Koon* OK, that's it, I'm outta here
Hector: Alrighty, then, let's kick some Greek ass!
Trojans: You got it!
Hector: *kills a lot of Greeks*
Odysseus: Come on, stand your ground!
Diomedes: We'll try, but Zeus hates us today
Zeus: *slurps a soda*
Diomedes: *dents Hector's helmet*
Hector: Ouch! *runs off in chariot*
Diomedes: Cowardly dog!
Paris: *shoots Diomedes in the foot*
Diomedes: Damn elf!
Odysseus: *pulls out arrow*
Diomedes: *heads for the ships*
Odysseus: Damn. If I run I'm a coward, if I stand I'm dead. Guess I'll stand.
Sokos: *stabs Odysseus*
Odysseus: OUCH! *kills Sokos* Help!
Menelaus: Coming!
Ajax: Me too!
Paris: *shoots Machaon*
Machaon* OUCH!
Nestor: We are SO out of here... MEDIC!
Hector: Charge!
Zeus: *eats some Milk Duds*
Ajax: Ah, crap...
Achilles: Hmm, looks like the Greeks are getting their asses kicked... Patroclus!
Patroclus: What?
Achilles: Go find out who Nestor just brought in.
Patroclus: Hmmm, it's Machaon
Nestor: What does Achilles care? Hey, why don't you go put on his armor, you're just as good as he is?
Patroclus: Ooh, sounds interesting...

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