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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Out of 2147... random... first 15...

1) WarCraft III 2001 trailer
- The music to the trailer that told us WarCraft fans that we were in for a real treat
2) Andrew Boyd & Robb Mills - The Pool Awakens
- From "Pool of Radiance - Ruins of Myth Drannor". There was a lot of good music in this game that is generally looked down upon because of some serious bugs in the original release. Once you patch it, you have an incredible dungeon crawl.
3) Kaze No Orchestra - Kaisou
- From "Record of the Lodoss War"
4) Prince and the Revolution - The Beautiful Ones
5) Hans Zimmer - The Way of the Sword
- From "The Last Samurai"
6) The Black Crowes - Sometimes Salvation
7) Mox - Fez
8) Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
- One of those songs I sing really loud in my car. ;-)
9) Noriko Matsueda and Takahito Eguchi - Aeons
- From "Final Fantasy X-2". OK, Bahamut, hint taken, I will work on the damn story...
10) Anastacia - I'm Outta Love
11) Aerosmith - Dream On (Live)
12) Brian Tyler - The Revolution
- From Sci-Fi's "Children of Dune".
13) Heart - Who Will You Run To?
14) Queen - A King of Magic
15) Larry Greene - Through the Fire

I know I'm not doing much more than this lately, but I'm just tired... I could complain about work, but it won't do me any good. I could complain about the pain in my left hand from the blood clot in it, and how it'll be weeks probably before it's back to normal, but it won't do me any good.

Besides, I don't want another email from some idiot about how I should take down my blog because my life sucks and I'm probably fat. ;-)

So if all I talk about sometimes is music and Sephiroth... well, that's good stuff.

1 comment:

Dave Maes said...

OK... So there's some random monkey out there who wants you to take your blog down because "my life sucks and I'm probably fat". Methinks that if this humanoid's looking for meatier reading, they should get their fat low-esteemed ass out of Mom's basement and check out a f**king bookstore. Imbecile.

Blogging about how much work sucks it therapeutic. Coming to terms with pain helps it to go away most times. Write on, Jenn. Write on. And to the jackass who wants Jenn's blog taken down? It's gotta suck knowing that your life includes going to random blogs and reviewing them. Go grab another Twinkie, Ebert.

Love Jenn, Love Jenn's Blog.
- Dave
Lover of both.