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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Since I am so very Virgo (remember, my NetFlix queue is in a carefully kept spreadsheet...), I have taken the info from DragonCon's webpage and made my schedule. ;-)

Noon - Gundum SEED episodes 1 - 3
1pm - TOR 40th Anniversary of Dune party
5:30pm - Gaming and Free Expression (EFF discussion)
7pm - Wrestling! Four of my old Wildside buddies (Sim J, Azrael, Murder 1, and Rainman will be there)

10am - Parade outside (sneak in if possible *grin*)
1pm - Panel with Robin Curtis
2:30pm - Honing your Psychic Abilities, Beginning Level
5:30pm - Star Trek Celebrity panel
7pm - Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heaven's Door

10am - Mars Exploration Rovers
11:30am - Christianity and Paganism
1pm - One Ring King Kong Presentation
2:30pm - Women in Gaming
4:30pm - Xenosaga episodes 1 & 2
5:30pm - Star Wars: Timeline in Crisis or Xenosaga episode 3 (only if the first two are decent)
7pm - Happy Hour in 10-Forward
8pm - Masquerade

10am - Panel with LeVar Burton
11:30am - Fan Fiction, Fan Websites, and the Law (another EFF panel)
2:30pm - Cooking in Middle Earth

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