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Monday, January 01, 2007


*punts 2006 out the door*

A couple small resolutions...

1) Stress less about money. It's impossible to never stress about it, but it doesn't need to be something I think about every single day.

2) Cook more. Now that I have a working range and oven, I need to get into the habit of cooking things on the weekend I can eat off of during the week. This will help with the money stress, since I won't be so tempted to eat out for lunch all the time.

Enjoy the day!


Patrick said...

This may sound odd coming from the male persuasion, but if you want some recipes, I can pass a few along. (They're my mom's, technically.) Aside from a recent soup boil-over, I actually turned out to be a decent cook...go figure.

Plus, since a lot of recipes aren't made for "serves one"...leftovers, yay. :)

Jenn said...

No, it's not odd at all to me, Dad was a stay at home Dad and cooked for us all. I'll take whatever you've got, as long as it doesn't involve poultry, which I'm allergic to. ;-)

And yeah, that's the biggest thing... you can only cut the recipes in half so often before you're counting out individual grains of salt or baking powder. ;-)

Patrick said...

Check the e-mailbox...there's more where that came from if you're interested.