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Thursday, February 01, 2007


And I don't have any goddamned batteries for my camera that work... ARG!

EDIT: OK, I tore the kitchen junk drawer apart and found a couple. Now I need to find the camera cable... found it!

EDIT2: Pics!
From the front porch, looking right towards the azalea bush.
From the front porch, looking straight ahead.
From the front porch, looking left over two of my neighbors' yards.
From the back porch, left to the mutantly huge azalea bush.
From the back porch, straight ahead between the pines to the swing set. You can see it's already coloring the ground and not melting.
From the back porch, slightly left. I was sorta trying to catch a bird in flight, and ended up with a really great shot of just how fat the snowflakes are.

And no, I'm not going to work. They haven't called it all the way off yet, but it's already iced my porches over, and I'm not taking any chances with idiot drivers who don't know how to handle this stuff.

EDIT3: After about 45 minutes or so of steady snow, it's now switched back over to ice pellets. Few more pics, taken 9:15am (others were taken about 8:15am).
Front porch, same angle as the second picture above.
Back porch, another shot of the mutant azalea bush, you can see the snow all around it
Snow sticking to my mutant azalea.


Dave Maes said...

Oh, puh-leeze. That's not even snow. That's not even "stay home from work" snow.

Snow is what we're experiencing. Seven straight f**king weekends of measurable snow... Including what we're getting right now. Snow. Below-Zero temps. Ice chilling snow and ice...

I usually hate warmth. But I cannot wait for summer to f**king get here. And with our luck, it'll be 105 degrees again.

- Dave
Not dreaming of white ANYTHING.

Anonymous said...

I love your snow pictures. But I have to say I absolutely love, love, love your yard. How cool to live among all those trees.