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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Well, what all did I do today?

#2 - Went to Wal-Mart and picked up some Purina Cat Chow senior formula (Goldeneye is 9 1/2, the twins are 7 1/2). So far, they seem to like it, we'll see how it reacts to Sweet Thing's sensitive digestive track. :-p

#4 - Good grief, there was food scattered for yards. :-p

#7 - And I'm getting a decent amount back, close to $1000. The state will go straight into savings, the federal will get mostly thrown at my credit card.

#12 - Well, I didn't bake it, but I created it... last week I made these little cheesecake things out of a Paula Dean cookbook, and still had some leftover. So I bought a graham cracker crust (note to self, do not buy the Wal-Mart brand ever again, it crumbled to dust) and some chocolate pudding, lined the bottom with the leftover cheesecake things, and poured the pudding on top. Got rave reviews from my parents. :-)

And added #14 - Take a shower and wash my hair. That can be a chore. ;-)

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