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Saturday, February 17, 2007

(kicks Blogger for forcing me to upgrade to a rather crappy GUI new version and do all kinds of new sign-up and sign-in crap)


Here's what I need to do this weekend... I'm being very Virgo, making lists and all. Beside, when my horoscope says, "Organize your information, sort through your files and clean out your messy closets. But do it with style, for you now get to be as weird as you wish by indulging your need to rearrange your living space. Don't worry about involving others; this isn't about anyone else. An early spring cleaning always makes you feel better.", I should probably listen. ;-)

1) Go grocery shopping (going to Wal-Mart, need a new mouse and some new sweats for working out)
2) Buy cat food (Eukanuba senior brand)
3) Finish listening to all the music I downloaded yesterday (no offense to "Silent Hill" fans, but the music is muchly overrated IMO)
4) Vaccuum the home office (Goldeneye and Sweet Thing were chasing each other around last night and overturned one of the food bowls)
5) Vaccuum the living room
6) Vaccuum my bedroom
7) Get my tax crap together and file my taxes so I can get my credit card company off of my ass
8) Watch the rest of disk 2 of seasons 2 of "Angel"
9) Level up my Aardwolf character, Refinnej, to at least level 131.
10) Decide if I'm going to finish up Vagrant Story, or if I'm going to give up for now.
11) Decide if I can put up with the horrifyingly bad music in Phantasy Star II or if I should just try another one of the RPGs in that Sega collection.
12) Bake something

I think that was everything I needed to do...

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Patrick said...

I have a similar to-do list...and with a week off work(paid vacations rule), I may actually have time to do more stuff...

-Clean the house(I am WAY overdue on this).
-Watch the wrestling DVDs that have been collecting dust as of late.
-Run the St. Louis comedy gauntlet...Lloyd & Harry's on Monday, Westport Funny Bone on Tuesday, Comedy Forum on Wednesday, and Laughs On The Landing on Thursday.
-Get a carbon monoxide detector for the humble abode.
-Send off some resumes and audition tapes to area radio stations.
-Continue with the wonderful time-devouring entity known as Final Fantasy 6 Advance.