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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Both Rich and Tam have this on their blogs. I'm putting mine up a section at a time, when I think/feel/get around to doing it.

What is your full name:: Jennifer Lee Sigman
Spell your first name backwards:: Refinnej (I use that on Aardwolf. Couldn’t think of anything else at the time.)
Date of birth:: September 10, 1975
Male or female:: Female
Astrological sign:: Virgo
Nicknames:: Jenn
Occupation:: Helping law people with their computers
Height:: 5' 4"
Weight:: Between 115 and 120, depending on when I last bothered to eat a decent meal.
Hair color:: Brown
Eye color:: Blue
Where were you born:: Richmond, VA
Where do you reside now:: Columbia, SC
Age:: 28
What does your screen name stand for:: Which one?.
Pets:: Goldeneye, Kahvi, and Sweet Thing (all cats)
Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake:: None
Piercings:: Not anymore. Last time I tried to pierce my ears (late 1998) they got and stayed infected, so I let them close and haven’t bothered since then. At one point in college I had two in each ear.
Tattoos:: I have scars instead
Shoe size:: 6 1/2
Righty or lefty:: Righty.
Wearing:: Ankle-length skirt, knee-high hose, turtle-neck sweater, hair unbound
Hearing:: (checks WinAMP) “I Alone” by Live
Eating/drinking:: Unsweet tea

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