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Monday, March 01, 2004

In the Movies:

[taste]:: Do you take food or drinks into the movies? What do you like to eat/drink while you watch a movie?
Depends. If I've gone out to eat beforehand, no. Otherwise, I like water and some candy. What kind of candy depends on what the theater has.

[touch]:: Do you have a "kissing in the movies" story to share?
Yes, I have a story. Let's just say I missed most of "Basic Instinct". *blush*

[sight]:: Where do you like to sit when you go to the movies? Front, middle, back? Left, right? Does it matter? And what do you do when there´s someone sitting in front of you who´s blocking your view?
Middle of the row, front-to-middle of the rows. If someone's blocking me, usually I move.

[smell]:: If we could smell things in movies, which movie would you want to watch (and smell) and why?
I'd rather not most of the time, unless it was some scene in a restaurant.

[hearing]:: What do you do when people are talking during a movie and disturbing you? Are you the kind of person who sighs and hopes they will stop or do you say something?
Normally I'll say something like, "Would you please be quiet!" very loudly (opera training has it's uses). And no, I get mad. If they don't shut up, I'll go find the manager.

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