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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Added Jim to my buddies (Hey sweetie!)

Found out completely by accident a few days ago that my old Audioscrobbler account was still active, and had been transfered to Last.FM when they bought out Audioscrobbler (or merged with them, or whatever). The graphic on the side is the list of my most listened to artists for the week, and will probably always contain a lot of Japanese characters. ;-)

But as my MP3 player gets more and more insane in it's old age, I'll be moving more of my MP3 collection here to work, so it should change up a bit. For the longest, I've only really had instrumentals (ie game and anime music and some soundtracks) here. Now, since the person who wanted it that way is gone and I don't particularly care if my office-mate likes or doesn't like what I listen to, I'll bring everything in.

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