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Friday, February 13, 2004

Adventures at work...

GroupWise is the email system we use, and it's one quirk with Archiving is that if it archives email in a shared folder, it only goes into the archive of the person who created the folder. Which means that other people who would normally have access to that shared folder cannot see it's archive. Pain in the butt sometimes.

A paralegal called, saying she needed something that was archived in one of our big important lawyer's (snicker) archived folder. "You can go into her account and do that, because her door is closed." She made it sound like the lawyer-lady wasn't here. "Is it locked?" I ask. "No, she's just got the door closed so she won't be bothered by the hallway noise."

"No, I'm sorry, all I can tell you is to ask her to unarchive it for you."

She didn't like that answer. Too bad. By the time I found one of the network guys and they got around to unarchiving it, the lawyer-lady could've done it herself without the hassle. Grow some balls and don't be scared, or you'll never be more than a paralegal.

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