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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I've seen Return of the King three times now in the theater. This third time was cool, not only because I hadn't seen the film since December, but because I was over the awe of most of the major things and could focus in on the little stuff.

Like the fact that the mumukil are FUCKING RUNNING by the time the Rohirrim get to them. Ho-lee shit. Something that big running is just not supposed to happen!

Like I finally realized that when the Rohirrim are gathering to charge on the armies in front of Minas Tirith, they're not just yelling. They're yelling "DEATH!" I don't know about you, but having 6000 horsemen - OK, 5998 horsemen, 1 horsewoman, and 1 horseHobbit - coming pounding towards me hollaring "DEATH!" every few feet would make me tell my commander officer to go fuck himself, I'm heading home.

But yes, all three of these movies are wrong in so many ways, from small ways to big ways to, "What the fuck, didn't they read the book?" ways.

And the soundtrack for the third film is interesting... it starts off when Pippin gets the palantir from the sleeping Gandalf (and having him sleep with his eyes open was disturbing). I wonder if the soundtrack people didn't know what Jackson was going to start the film with, so they chose something several minutes in just to be safe.

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