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Friday, March 31, 2006

Random note before the Random Thoughts - How did I live without owning more T. M. Revolution than I currently do, which is none? Amazing music!

Beginning of the Struggle tournament - Top of Yen Sid's Tower
- The voice for real Vivi (as opposed to Nobody as Vivi, which was fucking creepy) is a bit young. Wasn't he supposed to be 10 or so in FF IX?
- Who is this fucktard with white hair and purple eyes, and why the fuck is he calling himself Setzer Gabbiani?
- So Ansem is a Black Robed Guy. Didn't we kill him last game?
- Chrisopher Lee rules. This will likely be repeated quite frequently.
- The scene in the train, where Roxas's three friends just hold out their jewels and stare... that was weird and disturbing.
- "I don't feel like cooperating with destiny." At least they got Seifer right.
- I am so confused after all the interludes before Day 6... who are the bad guys, Organization XIII or DiZ?
- Axel is... strangely sympathetic, which just increases my confusion as to what is going on.
- Roxas gets two keyblades, and suddenly he is a SERIOUS ass-kicking machine. Holy shit, when Sora gets that this is going to completely rock!
- "It looks like my summer vacation is over." With one sentence, I'm about to cry over a character that I've only known for 3 hours.
- Why is King Mickey dressed like one of the Org XIII guys?
- I suddenly notice that Sora's grown about 6 inches and his homeboy pants are about to be Daisy Duke shorts, and I'm falling out of my chair giggling.

I played some this morning, and while I'll save the majority of my comments for tomorrow's Random Thoughts, I must say that whoever decided that Cid from FF VII needed to have a thick Texan accent is in serious need of an ass-kicking. :-p

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