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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Random Thoughts for the first little bit playing Kingdom Hearts 2...

- Came home, fed the cats, got a snack, took some Advil in preperation for the arthritis in my hands hating me, set the inch-thick hint book within reach, and popped the game in.
- The piano music from the first one is back, although in a sadder form
- The FMV recap of the first game and a bit of "Chain of Memories" was absolutely gorgeous, and I love the song.
- Seifer!
- Nice tutorial, but I could do without the triangle-button prompt taking up the entire screen
- Um, there's computers involved now?
- Tons of references to "Chain of Memories"...
- "Chicken wuss!" Seifer called Roxas a "chicken wuss"! LOL! It's those little details I love.
- Lots more questions than answers by the end of the 3rd day
- Um, OK, who is this moron you're calling Setzer, and why is he hoisting a title belt over his head?

Unfortunately, a burning line of pain in my left shoulder made me quit after 1:17, telling me that I'm going to have to let the doctor stick his camera in there at some point. :-p Maybe after Dragon*Con...

The camera is much improved from the first, I'll say that.

More tomorrow!

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