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Thursday, August 28, 2003

From now on, if I need hospital care, I am NOT going to Palmetto Baptist hospital here in Columbia. They're billing department has their collective head so far up their collective asses it's not even funny.

I made a payment plan with them in May for two accounts I ran up in March. In June, when I got another bill for the full amount, I called them about it and got a "computer system problem" excuse. I made payments at the beginning of July (after I got my first Nexsen Pruett paycheck), the beginning of August, and the end of August (I get paid every two weeks, so I make payments every other paycheck). Yesterday I get a bill for one of the accounts saying that if I didn't pay up in 7 days, they were turning it over to a collection agency.

Oh hell no.

It took four calls to two places, but things seem to be straight now. I also have a direct name and number at the hospital to call if I have more problems. But I know an easy way to not have more problems: don't use that hospital.

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