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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Random thoughts this morning...

- The main headline on this morning's paper was "Panel urges shifting power to governor". Of course, that panel was APPOINTED by the governor. Among other things, it suggests that the governor appoint three government positions (like the adjucant general and state superintendant of education) instead of letting us voters vote on it. No thank you.

- October 1st. Wonderfully cool morning, the house temperature is 68 degrees. The heat won't get turned on until it gets to 65 or below this year, because SCE&G has already assured us of higher natural gas prices. Thanks, guys.

- Time to do the fall washing. One load of sweaters, unpacked from the garbage bag they've been in for the past 5 months or so, is already being washed. My washer complained about how the weight most certainly did not qualify as "Delicate cycle". I told the washer to get over it, I need those sweaters to last a while. Also will clean up the big thick comforter to put on the bed.

- Found tapes to learn Japanese on Ebay fairly cheaply. In two weeks I'll work 6 10-hour days, so that paycheck should be able to get me some.

- I'm going to my high school's Homecoming Friday... 10 years since high school. I fully expect none of my classmates to be there.

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