**How can you care?** 'Because I choose to.' **You make it sound so simple.** 'That's because it is simple. Hard sometimes, but simple.'

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

20 more lyrics! This time I'll follow Rich's path and just skip the instrumentals.

1) "For time will catch us in both hands / To blow away like grains of sand / Ashes to ashes, rust to dust / This is what becomes of us"
2) "Powers, keep on lying / While the people keep on dying"
3) "From this fire there's no returning / No escape, your heart is burning / Love becomes a lethel weapon / No-one is too smart in affairs of the heart"

skip instrumental

4) "So don't mind if I fall apart / There's more room in a broken heart"
5) "Emptyness is filling me / To the point of agony"
6) "But just like things, they can't afford credit / Time catches up and you have to pay"

skip instrumental

7) "Have you ever loved someone so much you thought your little heart was going to break in two?"

skip instrumental (yes, I have a lot of these)

8) "Can't you see me here, mama / Mama / Mama / Mama, please / Can't you feel my heart? / Oh, can't you feel my heart?"
9) "Feeling like I have no release"
10) "Here we belong / Fighting to survive / In a war with the darkest power"
11) "You've given me the best of you / Now I need the rest of you"
12) "I never forgot it / Confusing as it was / No fun with no guilt feelings"
13) "What was his mission? / Where was he going? / Why was his heart-light always glowing?"
14) "Turning, I return him to some second place and time"
15) "Feeling alone / And your all alone / Flesh and blood by the telephone / Pick up the receiver / I'll make you a believer"
16) "How can you just walk away from me / When all I can do is watch you leave?"
17) "History shows again and again / How nature points out the follies of men"
18) "Love, if you're there come save me / From all this cold despair / I can hang when you're around / But I'll surely die if you're not there"
19) "How much difference does it make?"
20) "Time's up / Workers have no life / Time's up / The world is full of strife / Time's up / The sky is falling / Time's up / The Lord is calling"

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