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Monday, May 17, 2004

BOOK 10:
Agememnon: Damn, what am I going to do? Menelaos, wake up!
Menelaos: What, you want someone to go look at the Trojans?
Agememnon: We need a plan. Go wake up the captains and meet us by the sentries.
Menelaos: OK.
Agememnon: Hey, Nestor wake up!
Nestor: What?
Agememnon: We need a plan.
Nestor: OK, go round up Diomedes, Aias, and the rest and let's go plan. Wake up, Diomedes!
Diomedes: What, damnit, I was sleeping.
Nestor: Meeting time
Nestor: OK, let's send a couple of folks out to the Trojan camp to spy. Any volunteers?
Diomedes: Oh, me! I'll go!
Nestor: OK, pick a partner
Diomesdes: I choose you, Odysseus!
Odysseus: Sweet, let's go! Athena, watch over me, OK?
Diomedes: Yeah, me too
Hector: Hmmm, we should send someone to go spy on them. The winner will get a chariot and two good horses from the Greeks after we kill them all.
Dolon: OH! Pick me!
Hector: OK, have fun
Odyssues: Hey, who's that sneaking off? Let's go get him!
Dolon: EEEK! *runs*
Diomedes: *throws spear and pins him to the ground*
Dolon: *cries* Don't kill me!
Odysseus: We won't if you tell us what you were doing out here.
Dolon: Spying! Hector would give me a prize for spying!
Odysseus: Oh really? Where's Hector?
Dolon: Holding a meeting over behind that funeral mound
Odysseus: And how is everyone camped out?
Dolon: Well, these Thracians just showed up ove there... Now, can we go so you can hold me for random?
Diomedes: SUCKER! *kills Dolon*
Odysseus: OK, there's the guys like he said, let's kill them and steal their horses
Diomedes: OK
Thracians: *die*
Nestor: Hey, what am I hearing, a lot of horses?
Odysseus: Lookit what we did!
Greeks: *cheer*

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