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Friday, May 07, 2004

I've either been too busy or too brain dead to do much of this today...

Greeks: *kill*
Trojans: *die*
Diomedes: OUCH
Pandaros: Damn I shoot good
Diomedes: Athena! He's cheating!
Athena: Go kill them, then!
Diomedes: OK *kills Trojans*
Aineias: Will you kill him?
Pandaros: I'm trying, but he's cheating!
Aineias: Get in the chariot, we'll do a drive-by
Pandaros: OK, homes
Aineias: *drives*
Pandaros: *misses with spear*
Diomedes: Yoo suck *kills Pandaros* And yoo, too *tries to kill Aineias*
Aphrodite: Not my baby! *spirits Aineias away*
Diomedes: Damnit! *stabs Aphrodite*
Aphrodite: OUCH!! *cries* *runs away*
Dione: Baby! Who hurt you?
Aphrodite: Diomedes is a meany!
Dione: Athena r suxor, and Diomedes will die soon
Hera: Wimp
Zeus: Aphrodite, butt out of the war
Diomedes: Damnit! *stabs at Apollo*
Apollo: Is you crazy? Ares, go stir up the Trojans to kick his ass!
Ares: OK
Trojans: *kill*
Agememnon: Come on, you lousy Greeks, kill!
Greeks: OK *kill*
Tojans: *kill*
Diomedes: Um, retreat!
Greeks: *die*
Hera: *whine*
Zeus: Oh, fine, go kick Ares's ass, Athena
Hera: You Greeks suck, go kick their asses!
Athena: Diomedes, you OK?
Diomedes: I'll live.
Athena: Good, now let's go get Ares
Ares: OWIE!!! Zeus, he hurt me, go get him!
Zeus: Shut up

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