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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

OK, this one takes a little explaining, so bear with me. A week or so ago, a user sent an email to the Help Desk saying that every time she turned on her computer, she got a bunch of errors before she could log in and it was making her late clocking in. I called her, but she couldn't remember what any of them were, so I told her to call the next time she tried to log in so we could see them.

Monday I sent her an email asking if she was still having problems, since I hadn't heard from her. She said they were still coming up, and to get around it she simply never turned off her computer. And that point, I turned it over to my boss, since she wasn't being cooperaive.

The person's boss, a really bitchy lawyer, sent an email to my boss saying that I had told the user to print out the errors, and that I often didn't have answers so they would go to Stephanie.

Mr. Bill is ticked. He says that if they were going to Stephanie, she should have been coming to me or him. He thinks that she's putting me down again to other people, like she did right after I got here.

And there's no other jobs for me to leave here and take instead. *sigh* I hate this shit.

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