**How can you care?** 'Because I choose to.' **You make it sound so simple.** 'That's because it is simple. Hard sometimes, but simple.'

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Zeus: Can't we all just get along?
Hera: Trojens r suxor
Zeus: Oh, fine, do what you want
Hera & Athena: Whee!
Athena: Hey, you, shoot Menelaos
Pandaros: OK
Menelaos: OUCH!
Agememnon: Yoo dead! I sorry! I avenge!
Menelaos: It's just a flesh wound
Agememnon: Is there a doctor in the house?
Makhaon: Yup
Agememnon: OK, let's go inspect the troops. Odysseus, yoo suck!
Odysseus: Piss off
Agememnon: Just kidding, you da man
Greeks: *kill*
Trojans: *eek*
Apollo: Trojans, ya'll suck
Trojans: Sorry, *kill*

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